Zara Premium Music Ripping Server


Model Variants

  • Zara Premium - 2x 1TB (3000+ CDs in WAV or 4000-6000 CDs in FLAC)
  • Zara Premium - 2x 2TB (6000+ CDs in WAV or 8000-12000 CDs in FLAC)


The Zara Premium offers you all you could want and more from an Audio Ripping Server and is deemed a vital link in any ‘Premium’ HiFi setup. The Zara is the perfect companion to the modern range of UPnP based Digital Streaming Players such as those from Linn, Sonos and ROKU. With its precision engineering, the Zara Premium really looks the part in any modern AV installation; the Zara’s elegant body is milled out of a single piece of aerospace grade aluminium and is anodized and finished to a supreme standard, offering ultimate luxury and long term performance to compliment your existing A/V setup.
The Zara Premium is extremely easy to setup and utilize, with the product’s ability to use bit perfect ripping and to encode to multiple formats, this offers the diversity that every modern home desires. The nature of this system allows it to connect with, share and serve many devices on the network whilst offering lower quality formats (encoded) and the best quality uncompressed formats (bit perfect ripping) possible. The user also has the ability to connect an external DAC / amplifier and locally playback the music stored in the Zara Premium and also any other music available on the network, this is real innovation!

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Key Features

  • High quality, fan less, monocoque chassis
  • Slimline design: 2x 1TB model = 350x200x36mm, 2x 2TB model = 350x200x38mm
  • Simple Set-up
  • Audio Ripping to WAV using Patented Bit-Perfect Ripping
  • Rip to local HDD or NAS drives
  • Encoding to FLAC, MP3, WMA
  • Possible recovery of near unreadable (scratched) CDs
  • Automated metadata assignation using local database or the internet via AMG
  • Control of up to 6 uPNP players (when trans-coding is required)
  • Full uPNP Control for Linn, SONOS and ROKU players etc
  • Dedicated control point for Linn Products
  • Network music scanner, allowing the unit to index music found on other networked devices (ie NAS)
  • USB music scanner, allowing the unit to index music found on USB attached storage devices
  • Can be (optionally) controlled remotely from Pronto, AMX and Creston Modules or with any Windows PC with the Desktop Client installed
  • Live transcoding of high-res audio files for non high-res playback devices (e.g. SONOS)
  • Local playback of stored or indexed content by attaching an external S/PDIF or optional USB DAC
  • Near silent operation (<9dBA)
  • Very low (typical 15W) power consumption
  • 2x 1TB hard disks pre-installed (2450 CDs in WAV or 4250 CDs in FLAC)
  • Scheduled back up internally – disk to disk – or externally to NAS targets
  • Lifetime subscription to premium meta data (AMG)
  • Designed, made and supported from UK.

ZaraNetHow it Works

When you start using the Zara Premium it is all very simple; connect the unit to a power source and then to your network. No computer is required: you can view and control the Zara via any VGA-capable display (including most modern TVs). If you do have a computer you can install the Zara Premium Desktop Client on any computer on the same network.
When it comes to ripping it couldn’t be any easier, insert the audio disc into the slot loader and the Zara Premium will handle the rest. Effortlessly the Zara will extract the audio tracks, and obtain and assign metadata – all before converting and storing them, while simultaneously providing you with live feedback of the process. At the end of the process the disc will eject and the unit will wait for another disc or any other task you may wish to give it.
Zara Premium also allows you to rip discs without an internet connection, as it has its own internal FreeDB meta data – a more basic version of the online AMG database. Next time the server is online, you can run its Bulk CD look-up tool – this will scan all your titles, and update the meta data for all rips - fully populating all data and artwork!


You have multiple options for playback: you can connect to any uPNP device or to an external DAC / amplifier, which is controlled via the intuitive interface present on the unit and the Desktop Client, or iPad / iPhone appns. Once the disc is ripped or music from another source is indexed, then they are made available to the user at the click of a button.

Connecting to the server

Although the Zara Premium provides full uPNP / DLNA services, it also offers much more too.  It not only can be 'seen' as a source of music files - it can also control the playback of music files locally (via S/PDIF or USB DAC), or to remote devices found on the network.  If you are a Linn user, you can also benefit from the unique Linn control point service, whereby the Zara Premium is controlled by Linn applications to push music to the Linn players.

Getting technical

Although the Zara Premium was developed to be an extremely user friendly device with simplicity as a key element of the experience, it does boast impressive technology behind the product with a state of the art combination of hardware and software.
From a hardware perspective you have a low powered system (Eco-conscious) that takes advantage of the newest Intel chips which are housed in an elegant aluminium chassis that ensures fan-less near silent operation whilst offering an incredibly robust build with a timeless design.
From a software perspective the Zara Premium has been developed over the course of 9 years and represents the accumulation of all the services an audiophile could possibly require from a modern day ‘Audio Server’.


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*  Please note that the archiving of discs may not be legal in your region, and the decision to use the RIP-N-PLAY, Zara or Zaram to archive audio and video files is the responsibility of the user.  Please refer to Format Shifting for further information.