USB adapter for the Maestro-50

A number of customers have asked if they can connect a USB device to the Maestro-50, and the answer is no.  There is no USB input.

However, there is a new neat little device – the USB 24/96 which as is says on the tin is a 24bit 96Khz ready USB to SPDIF adapter.


It connects to any PC / MAC or Media Centre, via a USB cable, and all modern OS variations will see the device as a new sound card, installing it automatically without external drivers

It supports AC3 and DTS – and can resolve up to 24bit / 96KHz – or Studio as it is sometimes know.


Available now from at a reduced price of only £59.00 (list price is £79.00) or only £39.00 when bought with the Maestro-50 Amplifier.



So if you want to stream music from any device with a spare ‘USB sound output’ to the Maestro-50, or any digital amplifier the USB 24/96 may be just what you are looking for!


Shipping from stock, now!

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