12.12.12–The Maestro-50

The end of the world, or the beginning of a new era?

The 12.12.12 marked an important date for AVA Media – it is the release and shipping date of the Maestro-50, the first in a new line of True Digital Amplifiers.


There is little to say about the Maestro-50, except that is delivers exceptional quality music from any digital music source – and at a very affordable price!  It’s especially a neat and tidy solution for streaming music from Apple iPhones and iPads, via an Apple TV, or Apple Airport Express to your speakers, with amazing clarity.

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To learn more about the Maestro-50 please visit our online UK reseller PureAudioStream

7 thoughts on “12.12.12–The Maestro-50

  1. I guess they are special!

    It seems this guy seems pretty impressed “I can honestly say this is one of the best HiFi I have ever heard ** Martin Peoples” – especially as he seems to sell some expensive gear

  2. I’ve received my Maestro 50 a couple of days ago….

    When the digital stream (DS) players were launched there were no doubt they opened up a new dimension and the CD players become passé from the first second.

    Maestro 50, this tiny little box. So much struggling in the past to catch the pure sound, plug in your speakers and pick up your FLAC or ALAC and you can seriously start thinking of what to do with your current equipment, especially when this box has passed all $$$$ players and preamps just like that.

    I don’t want to promote other products, that’s not my purpose but I can’t leave it out, Maestro 50 together with a pair of Linn Majik 109 or 140 it’s a fantastic combination, I have never heard anything like it and the sound is incredible clear and live.

    Maestro 50, this is fun! .)

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