Holiday hours


Hi – we’ve had a great few months and the last few days have been really busy, getting Santa’s bags packed and put on the sleighs

We’re going to be taking a short break.  Our support people will be around for a few days over the Christmas period, and our factory is working to make more beautiful little amps etc.

The main office will be closed between noon on Christmas eve, until the second of January.  If you have a sales enquiry drop them a line, if you have a technical enquiry drop them a line – but whatever you do have a great holiday and be safe.


Happy Christmas & New Year

Get a FREE Maestro-50



The Maestro-50 has already been very well received by 100’s of customers over the last few days, since it’s launch on the 12th December.  So it’s with some excitement we can announce that Tranquil PC are offering a Maestro-50 FREE with a selected number of products.  AVA Media expect a number of other resellers to also offer promotions over the Christmas holidays.

If you would like to learn more – why not take a look at the products that Tranquil are offering with a FREE Maestro-50.  Click here to visit the web page

The product they are offering are media centres and servers:

Media Centre – Media One Bronze
Media Centre – Media One Silver
Media Centre – Media One Gold
Media Centre – ixLS Media Silver
Media Centre – ixLS Media Gold
Media Centre - ixLS Media Platinum
Media Centre – ixLS Media Platinum Net
Custom Build - ixLS Ivy Bridge PC
Server – Riley CP30
Server – Riley CP50

Just order any one of the above items, and the Maestro-50 is automatically added to your cart.

Happy shopping!

What powers the Maestro-50?

Amazingly everything is getting smaller and smaller, cooler and better!

The Maestro-50 delivers a powerful punch of 50W per channel.  It’s core is actually capable of much more, but we cap it at 2 channels of 50W

Once of a day an amplifier was full of hot glowing valves (many say these were the best amplifiers, perhaps….)





But can you imagine how big the digital amplifier stage is in the Maestro-50?  It’s just 14mm long!

Of course there’s a lot more to the Maestro-50 than the power amplifier stage, but this tiny chip shows just how far technology has come

The chip itself (below) can drive up to 210W across it’s many channels – and with an efficiency factor of over 90% it hardly generates any heat – and any that is, is quickly pulled away from it into the integrated cooling system, that is the Maestro chassis.



How is it made (2)

Previously (How is it made (1)), we discussed Computer Aided Design (CAD).

We can now see how those ‘on screen’ designs progress to a first stage product.

Firstly – let’s look at what a Maestro True Digital Amplifier chassis looks like in CAD



As we progress, we can see this become a real product


The Raw Material

Blocks of aluminium are delivered the AVA Media.

A pallet of 250 of these billets weighs over 700Kg


Once the billets have been measured and checked they are processed in one of the high precision, high speed CNC vertical milling machines.


CNC Machining

Our machines, can cut away aluminium rapidly – yet still keeping within tight tolerances, we are talking tolerances of 0.003mm – yes 3 thousandths of a millimetre!

Below is a picture of the main cavity of the Maestro-50 being evacuated.



Once cut the base chassis need to have 3 other CNC operations carried out on them, before they can be inspected and forwarded for finishing and anodising.

Below, a shelf of semi-finished Maestro-50s await 2nd stage processing.




Little knobs too

The tiny volume control knobs are also made in the same process.  See below an image of them



Next we will look at the finishing and anodising processes.

How is it made (1)

All AVA Media products are designed and created in our Manchester factory.

This does not mean we screw together parts made in China (as some do), we make the chassis parts, and we assemble them, the only parts we buy ‘pre-made’ our some of the (own design) electronic assemblies.

The Age of CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Designing our products utilises the latest 3D CAD systems.  These systems allow our R&D team to create all of the components and assemble them ‘on screen’ checking for absolute precision of the final item – it’s also helpful to simulate how the product is assembled.  The CAD system also allows us to ‘see’ how the product will look in the real world, by using photo-realistic rendering. What would the product look like in this colour tone / texture?  In this environment?  With differing materials?  With different brightness LEDs or lights?  

Every aspect of the product can be understood, ie how much will it weigh, we can also estimate the cooling efficiency of the product – as we never use fans, and cool active parts via the chassis.  Calculating the available surface area, and simulating flow of heat through different sections of the parts all ensures that the products should be effective cooling systems and assure the final assembly can be operated without forced air cooling, but also that the final product has an extended life expectancy.

The CAD system in conjunction with specialised cutting tool path programs ensures that the final chassis components can be machined effectively – with repeatable tolerances of 0.003mm, yes, 3 thousandths of a millimeter!

Below you can see a (non production) version of the chassis used for the Maestro-50.  This chassis is referred to as monocoque, as the internal components are fastened (screwed) to the ‘shell’ – which is the same technique used on an F1 monocoque racing car.


Just a small note the 3D CAD systems run on powerful, yet silent computers built by Tranquil PC.  These computers are designed on the same CAD systems!

12.12.12–The Maestro-50

The end of the world, or the beginning of a new era?

The 12.12.12 marked an important date for AVA Media – it is the release and shipping date of the Maestro-50, the first in a new line of True Digital Amplifiers.


There is little to say about the Maestro-50, except that is delivers exceptional quality music from any digital music source – and at a very affordable price!  It’s especially a neat and tidy solution for streaming music from Apple iPhones and iPads, via an Apple TV, or Apple Airport Express to your speakers, with amazing clarity.

HowToDiagramComposition 2-1280






To learn more about the Maestro-50 please visit our online UK reseller PureAudioStream