SONOS Connect Amplifier

Coming soon…. the Maestro-50S

This special edition version of the Maestro-50 True Digital Amplifier will be released at the Bristol HiFi Show

Boasting the same high quality sound performance as the Maestro-50, this special edition version is a perfect compliment to your SONOS Connect (previously ZonePlayer 90) network media renderer.

We look forward to seeing you there.

If you would like to learn more about the Maestro-50S – drop us a line

Get a FREE Maestro-50



The Maestro-50 has already been very well received by 100’s of customers over the last few days, since it’s launch on the 12th December.  So it’s with some excitement we can announce that Tranquil PC are offering a Maestro-50 FREE with a selected number of products.  AVA Media expect a number of other resellers to also offer promotions over the Christmas holidays.

If you would like to learn more – why not take a look at the products that Tranquil are offering with a FREE Maestro-50.  Click here to visit the web page

The product they are offering are media centres and servers:

Media Centre – Media One Bronze
Media Centre – Media One Silver
Media Centre – Media One Gold
Media Centre – ixLS Media Silver
Media Centre – ixLS Media Gold
Media Centre - ixLS Media Platinum
Media Centre – ixLS Media Platinum Net
Custom Build - ixLS Ivy Bridge PC
Server – Riley CP30
Server – Riley CP50

Just order any one of the above items, and the Maestro-50 is automatically added to your cart.

Happy shopping!

What powers the Maestro-50?

Amazingly everything is getting smaller and smaller, cooler and better!

The Maestro-50 delivers a powerful punch of 50W per channel.  It’s core is actually capable of much more, but we cap it at 2 channels of 50W

Once of a day an amplifier was full of hot glowing valves (many say these were the best amplifiers, perhaps….)





But can you imagine how big the digital amplifier stage is in the Maestro-50?  It’s just 14mm long!

Of course there’s a lot more to the Maestro-50 than the power amplifier stage, but this tiny chip shows just how far technology has come

The chip itself (below) can drive up to 210W across it’s many channels – and with an efficiency factor of over 90% it hardly generates any heat – and any that is, is quickly pulled away from it into the integrated cooling system, that is the Maestro chassis.