Not so many decades ago "Made in England" and British engineering meant something - a sign of quality.  Products were designed to deliver a solution or service - but were also designed to last, and bring pride to the user.  Nowadays so many products are made 'to a price" for the mass market in China. The disconnection between the user and the producer is so wide, its no surprise that the user often feels dissatisfied and 'just a number'.  In contrast AVA Media, keeps it's focus not only on customer expectations and requirements, but ensures that the products also embody a heritage of precision engineering and quality. Owning an AVA Media product is not just about the service it delivers, it's about owning a piece of UK excellence

AVA Media is proud to be a British manufacturer.

  • UK Excellence Design Centre
  • In house chassis design and manufacture (CNC)
  • In house finishing / anodising
  • In house laser cut / etching
  • UK based sales and after sales service
  • Preference for local material sourcing and supply
  • Investment in innovation and UK patents


Nurturing skill sets and encouraging innovation, by being 'Made in UK'.  Our workforce are proud to be associated with the products they create.


Attention to detail ensures total customer satisfaction.  Manufacturing precision is typically 3-4 thousandths of a millimeter!

AVA Media - a UK company based in Manchester.  The family company has its roots in mechanical, thermal and electronics design and manufacture. Located in a brand new, secure location on Trafford Park, we are able to ensure prompt service to all UK and EU and global clients. Our network of distributors can provide local service in your region.  

With internal design, manufacture and testing facilities, we are able to ensure a complete line of accountability - to ensure high quality products are always delivered.  We sell what we make, and we're very proud of what we make.

For over 30 years, our design team has worked on projects in the transport, medical, broadcast, telecoms, IT and security as well as AV / data servers. With this background, you can be assured that your purchase is of the highest quality.

Made in UK

UK Flag

Our products are not just assembled in UK, we make them from raw materials in our Manchester factory.

Customer Satisfaction

AVA Media customers not only buy our products to satisfy a demand - they buy because of the 'wow' factor of picking up any of our products and sensing the build quality and pedigree of the item.

As we also design the products we are also expert in providing technical advice before and more importantly after our customers take delivery of our products.  

We are committed to developing and nurturing design and manufacturing skills in the UK - our customers demand and expect excellence...
D J Thompson CEO